Hatteras Village
Hatteras, North Carolina
Hatteras, North Carolina
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Hatteras Village is known for providing tourists with beautiful pristine ocean beaches and world renowned deep sea fishing. With its wide variety of outdoor recreation, wildlife, bird watching and remote attitude, Hatteras makes a perfect destination for folks that just want to get away and enjoy nature.

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Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Beaches are open. Please read this page to minimize potential spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), consistent with federal, state, and local advisories. Cape Hatteras alerts and conditions.

The Village of Hatteras

The name Hatteras often brings to mind the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States (Hatteras Lighthouse at 208 feet tall). However, the actual lighthouse is located in the neighboring village of Buxton, NC. The unincorporated village of Hatteras was named after the Native American Hatteras Tribe which the original inhabitants of the area. Many historians now believe that the settlers of the Lost Colony in Manteo were taken in and lived among the Hatteras Tribe.

Hatteras Village is located on the extreme SW end of Hatteras Island. Visitors can enter the island and reach Hatteras from the north by crossing over Bonner Bridge and continuing south on NC Hwy 12. Hatteras is also accessible from the south by using the NC Ferry System to Ocracoke and then Hatteras. An interesting note is that Hatteras Island is divided with two names with the north end being called Pea Island. For many years Pea Island and Hatteras Island were separated by an inlet that was created by a hurricane and eventually refilled itself with sand.

Hatteras offers an odd blend of old time commercial fishing tradition combined with the glitz and glamour of a fleet of modern sportfishing yachts. No visit to famous Cape Hatteras or Hatteras Village would be complete without witnessing the many deep sea offshore sport fishing yachts rumbling in to the several marina docks to unload their catches after an exciting day of fishing on the Atlantic Ocean.

Even though it is charmingly remote Hatteras Island has plenty of tackle shops, restaurants, motels and other tourism related businesses. Hatteras makes a very inviting place for the outdoor beach loving family to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton NC
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Light at Night

Hatteras Lighthouse

Visit the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and National Park Service facility to learn about its history and climb its stairs.
Family playing on a Hatteras NC beach.
Sea Gull on a Hatteras NC beach.

NPS Activities

The National Park Service allows many activities on Hatteras beaches. Click here to find out more about what is allowed and where.
Ford truck driving on the Hatteras Island National Park Service beaches.
Child angler holding up a fish he caught on a Cape Hatteras beach.

National Seashore

Hatteras has a long standing coastal tradition currently under the supervision of the National Park Service. Click here to learn more.
Sand art campfire on a Hatteras beach.
National Park Service Ranger


Many Hatteras beach activities require National Park Service permits and/or reservations. Click here to learn about the current requirements.
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